I’m starting off 2018 with dropping my involvement with jug. The reason for this being that I simply cannot find the time or interest anymore to maintain the code.

All of the open-source efforts that I started always had to do with a concrete need that I had in one way or another. Once that need is fulfilled by creating a solution for it, the next challenge becomes to maintain that solution.

In a best case scenario, someone with the right set of skills will continue the development into a mature project which become significant better then the original solution. A close to my heart example of this is simmer (see http://r-simmer.org/), where Iñaki Ucar has taken over the development and has improved the original enormously.

However, for jug the active developers community is currently too small too do a handover. Next to that, jug its main competitor plumber (see website) has been able to create a significant community with highly active support.

Today I have to sort of admit defeat. My own time availability as co-founder of dataroots and my changing interests unfortunately no long allow me to put in the time and effort required to do the unnecessary maintenance to do justice to the jug user base. therefore I will be discontinuing the maintenance of jug. If anyone would be willing to take over, they will be more than welcome.