Last week the latest version of simmer was released on CRAN: v3.1.1.

This version allows adding attributes to arrivals (and basing decisions on their values).

Also, the rollback activity was introduced, enabling you to roll back a trajectory with n steps.

In addition, a new priority param for the seize() command was introduced. This allows ordering a resource queue based on the arrival’s seize priority.

Check the vignettes on simmer’s CRAN page to get started.


New features:

  • Add attributes to arrivals and new set_attribute activity (#16).
  • New rollback activity (#17 and #22).
  • Add priorities to resources’ queue (#20).

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Performance improvements with Boost (1b654fd).
  • Fix arrivals’ timing issues (#24).
  • Nicer object printing (#26).
  • Return self visibly, instead of invisibly (#35).
  • Add at and from convenience functions (29cccd2 and 7cfdd90).
  • Some work on vignettes (#29).
  • Fix ggplot2 2.0.0 compatibility issues (#37).