For the newcomers; scheduleR is a framework to deploy/schedule R tasks, reports and Shiny apps. The tool has an integrated logging and notification system to ease the maintenance of scheduled R related jobs.

After a lot of refactoring the tasks have been separated into tasks (e.g. ETL scripts) and reports (rmarkdown). The back-end that handles the execution of R scripts has gotten a polish, as did the UI.

There is now also experimental support for Shiny apps. See below for a (very) short demonstration.

The documentation has been updated to reflect the changes: README.

I’ve noticed that some people are having difficulty in properly setting up a scheduleR server. If I find some spare time I’ll try to construct a .deb package and possibly a Windows installer to easy installation.

Please use GitHub to notify me on bugs / problems. For other feedback you can send me an e-mail (see site header).