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scheduleR is an attempt to create an intuitive interface for scheduling R and Rmarkdown scripts. Especially for the latter, I find the lack of a good scheduling, logging and notification tool the reason for why I don’t use Rmarkdown as much as I could for generating business report / dashboards.

I’ve built scheduleR’s web interface using Node.js as the foundation. A node script (node-cron) makes it possible to schedule the execution of R scripts and generation of Rmarkdown reports. The tool also contains detailed logging and status reports. Status notifications and Rmarkdown reports can be actively send via email to those interested after a script or report generation has run.

Screenshot of the task overview:

A detailed task view:

Viewing a specific log:

Adding a new task:

scheduleR has been tested on GNU/Linux & Windows. As I expect some lingering bugs, let’s call it an alpha release :). Feedback, testing and suggestions are very welcome and can be posted here.

Have a look at it for yourself! You can find information on downloads, installation & configuration at: